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EuroPEN-PEN International: The Global Network Of Practice Enterprises

EUROPEN-PEN INTERNATIONAL is probably the most experienced, largest and most successful network for practical entrepreneurship training. There are 42 member countries in our network which benefits trainees from different target groups, institutions and levels of education.

Based in Germany and started as a European Union initiative, the Practice Enterprise Network organization provides a cutting-edge ‘accelerator’ to the practical application of entrepreneurial education and training via a Practice Enterprise (a simulated company that runs like a real business). This holistic pedagogical tool consists of teaching pedagogy, simulated blended-learning environment as well as International skill-based certification which endorse skills and competencies that are in line with the six key attributes identified in the Blueprint: knowledge, thinking skills, leadership skills, bilingual proficiency, ethics and spirituality and national identity. In Malaysia, our network is represented by Malaysia Practice Enterprise Centre (MyPEC), the only authorized organization to deliver this pedagogical tool.

EUROPEN-PEN International’s Extensive Educational Expertise
  • Implemented in 42 countries in 6 different continents for more than 30 years including top-performing education systems such as Finland, Germany, Austria and the USA.
  • Being made mandatory in the national curriculum by more than half of the network countries for more than a decade to provide entrepreneurship education that supports the economic creativity, responsibility and independence of individual such as Austria, Switzerland and Finland.
  • Implemented in different school levels and centres to prepare individual for careers at various levels such as in Australia, China, Finland, Slovak Republic and Italy.
  • Implemented in developing countries such as Azerbaijan as a World Bank initiative to increase employability and entrepreneurship skills in individual.
  • Taken in as an integral part of the Leonardo Project by the European Commission to foster lifelong learning in European countries including the United Kingdom.
  • Adopted by many developed countries that embrace the triple helix concept where industries, education institutions and Government play a vital role in ensuring a synergistic learning environment that is able to produce world-class talent such as Germany, USA and Austria.
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