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Malaysia Practice Enterprise Centre (MyPEC) Sdn. Bhd. is a 100% subsidiary of CBAL Sdn.Bhd. - Center for Business Application and learning(CBAL), previously Computer-based Learning sdn. Bhd.

The parent company, CBAL, started with the specialization of the development and marketing of accounting education software that has received local and international accolades because of its ability to simulate real industry accounting practices.

In recognition of the profound need to find the elusive formula to bridge the perpetual missing-link between theory and practice as well as to nurture balanced individuals with world-wide perspective that the Malaysia Practice Enterprise Centre (MyPEC) was established.

MyPEC contextual lises into a Malaysian setting, a philosophy of 'Learning-by-Doing' that has been globally practised for nearly a half century by the prestigious International Association known as Europen-Practice Enterprise Network International (PEN International).

Content-wise, MyPEC focuses on business processes including end period performance evaluation and entrepreneurship, involving the whole learning taxonomy from memory to synthesis in taking actions and arriving at judgment: complying with rules and procedures on one hand to making decisions and actualising self-governance on the other. In learning to cope with the vagaries of business whether as employee or start-up entrepreneur, trainees not only develop knowledge business processes but also core human traits of values, critical thinking, resilience, and effective communication skills among others in dealing with peers or business partners locally and from the international community.

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