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The MPE ('Mother' Practice Enterprise) - Business Operations Skills Training

In the first phase of training at the 'Mother' Practice Enterprise (MPE), trainees are rotated for an amount of time in the various departments of a typical business office - Accounts & Finance, Administration, Reception, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing and Purchasing while the trainers will take on the roles of the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer. The trainees will be directly involved in the operations and administration of a business, exactly how it would be conducted in the real world guided by a budget.

Trainees are not only required to handle official business documents including sales, accounting and other relevant documents, but are also required to trade with other businesses, whether domestic or international, in the network. All activities carried out are real activities that mirror the actual running of a real business in a real world, even having to face real operational and financial risk scenarios. The only virtual aspect of this training, as mentioned earlier, is the product or service, and the money/ currency of trade. In this manner, trainees are not only able to make business decisions as well as take calculated risks in a safe environment, but they are also able to learn from their mistakes.

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