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The Practice Enterprise acts as an umbrella for a host of other activities. For example, industry players are regularly invited to share about their business - its operations, short-term goals and longer-term vision. The opportunity for trainees to meet various industry players while in the Practice Enterprise will prove invaluable as it provides a training platform to interact with real business people and can itself be a motivation for success. In other instances, trainees as employer-owner while applying for a loan from the MyPEC Bank, need to present their business plan and working paper to a real banker for approval. For venture capital application, a real investor is invited to listen to the trainees’ presentation before deciding to invest in the Practice Enterprise.

So, the Practice Enterprise brings variety, diversity and flexibility into the trainees’ learning program reflecting the entirety of the real business scenarios. They not only learn from their trainers or lecturers but also from their peers who are also employees of the same business as well as from other business experts from industry. Trainees might also be given the opportunity to work with real business people from real companies in their town or areas. In short, trainees get jobs to do with real outcomes!

The flexibility of the MyPEC set-up allows each institution to operate their Practice Enterprise according to their needs and purpose. For example, what better way for trainees to learn about Business Communication or to enhance their international language skills if not by working in a business setting and doing business with overseas counterpart (Italy, England, Germany or Finland)!

Creating a ‘working’ business is also the best way for trainees to see the interconnectedness of the business processes: how the cost of the flyer that the Sales & Marketing Department is developing has to be compared against the Department budget which has been authorised by the Finance Department; how IT infrastructure underpins and supports all the enterprise’s activities; how the enterprise’s customers must be valued and assisted in all their dealings with the enterprise.

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