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Business and Industry Experts
MyPEC has a panel of esteemed mentors who has vast experience in their field of expertise. They play key roles in the MyPEC training program.
MOKHTAR Mohd. Mokhtar Mohammad
Mr. Mokhtar holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture (Honours) from the University of Malaya. He has more than 30 years of experience in the banking sector and is the most active mentor involved in the MyPEC training; as a Bank Credit Evaluation Officer who evaluates trainees’ bank loan application in the Entrepreneurship Skills stage. His expert input in the training is of value to trainees’ learning experience.
ABDUL Abdul Rahman Mohd. Sham
Mr. Abdul Rahman was previously the Chairman of DayaMOX, a subsidiary of Malaysian Oxygen Berhad. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Universiti Malaya and a Master of Business Administration from Leuven, Belgium. Mr. Abdul Rahman has over 30 years’ experience in areas of operations; namely production, planning and management. Mr. Abdul Rahman is actively involved in the MyPEC training program as an expert in production and planning.
AZIAH Aziah Abu Bakar
Aziah has over 20 years of corporate experience largely serving financial institutions. She holds an ICSA qualification from London School of Accountancy, UK. Aziah has also been extensively involved in multi-national organisations, financial institutions, advertising companies and hotels namely ETIQA, DELL, INTEL, Avago Industries (M) Bhd, Citra Advertising, and others. She has been actively engaged in areas of Organisational challenges on Cultural Career Management and Transition programs. Aziah is also a certified Executive Coach of Universiti Malaya and UMCCed and Directive Communications Facilitator, as well as Practitioner of Directive Communications Asia Pte. Ltd. For the MyPEC program, Aziah is actively involved as a Human Resource expert.
Chandra Mohan Mr. Chandra Mohan
Mr. Chandra Mohan is an accountant by profession. He has over 20 years’ experience in the banking sector. Mr. Chandra Mohan is currently the Vice President of Eon Bank. He was also the past Chairman of CIMA Malaysia. In the MyPEC program, Mr. Chandra Mohan lends his expertise as a credit evaluator in the Entrepreneurship Development training stage.
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