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The Practice Enterprise – What is a Practice Enterprise?

For more than 40 years, the PE models have been continuously improved through identification of best practices and learning from various implementation contexts in over 42 countries.

A high school in Brooklyn, New York, called P-TECH was paid a special visit by President Obama himself as they had established 3 Practice Enterprise programs for students. The President hailed the Practice Enterprise is a model program to prepare students for college and career.

In essence, a PE is a laboratory resembling a real working office with departments. It silhouettes real business environment having shared visions, guided by policies and budgets, managing bank accounts and other features. Money and products are the only non-tangible (virtual) elements in a PE, allowing for the scalability of the PE.

The PE concept allows for the creation of an integrated environment which allows for learning to occur as a natural part of day-to-day activities. By placing participants in active roles of problem-solvers confront with scenarios that mirror real world problems, participants develop crisis management and risk mitigation skills - actualizing concepts into practice. These ‘problems’ or ‘se-pieces’ are carefully designed with the solutions delineated according to certain level of competencies identified. During debriefing (group meeting at the end of each training day with facilitator) participants define the problem, identify what they know and discover concepts, principles and skills needed to love the problem and reflect on their actions with a view to ascertain best practices.

Content (of training in a PE)

Content-wise, the industry to which the business simulates can be from any that exists in the real economy, ie; consulting, engineering, IT, hospitality, etc., therefore, the content of the training can be customized according to participants’ level, intended outcome and more. All PEs have similarities and share a common model both in terms of structure and functioning modes, yet they differ in their specifications.

It is imperative to note that the undertaking the proposed program does not involve any change or restructuring of curriculum as MyPEC is not a content provider. Rather, the simulation is based on existing curriculum/academic syllabus/training program at your institution, so that participants get the theoretical knowledge as well as applying it into a practical context. This way, it completes their learning experience

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