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Program Benefits
  1. MyPEC training tool acts as the missing link that bridges the gap between theory and business practice
  2. Hands on, practical learning
  3. Ready access to International Network
  4. Local and International Trade
  5. Trainees learn to cope with challenges, develop effective communication, awareness for self improvement, inculcate leadership qualities and other skills/values that are considered key characteristics sought after by employers
  6. This training model can either be used as finishing school or be embedded in the existing college/university curriculum
  7. Can also be used as a short course for professional or executive development

For Trainees

The MyPEC program builds business and entrepreneurship skills in a comprehensive manner: from the initial stage of setting up a business to observing of procedures and regulations; running of business processes, operations and activities at the local and international levels; to the closing or liquidation of company as conducted in the real world. Other value add-ons are that trainees get the opportunity to nurture and sharpen technical skills, soft skills and ICT skills which happen to be what job seekers are looking for in future employees.

It is our hope that after implementing the training program, especially at higher education level, IHLs will be able to produce entrepreneurial graduates (graduates who have entrepreneurial mindset, traits and attributes) as well as increase the number of graduate entrepreneurs (those who actually venture into businesses).

To The Trainer

This program is also a platform for trainers to interact with the “mentors” or “business experts” of the program who are successful entrepreneurs or businessmen with in-depth knowledge of the business world. This would enhance trainers’ requisite experience in conducting the program.

To fulfil the requirement as a certified MyPEC trainer, selected lecturers need to undergo the Training of Trainers program conducted by CBAL Academy Sdn. Bhd. Through the program, trainers are able to develop skills in the running of a business as well as learn about the “Learning-by-Doing” methodology, which is a versatile and success proven pedagogy.

It is also our hope that other than producing graduate entrepreneurs and entrepreneur graduates, IHLs will also be able to increase the competency of academics in entrepreneurship as well as achieve their targets of producing academics with entrepreneurial mindsets and capabilities.

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