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Role of MyPEC

MyPEC’s role is that of a service provider to provide all supporting services within the network and to train the trainers. The objective of the training-of-trainers (TOT) sessions is to ensure that the lecturers will have the competence and understanding of the MyPEC philosophy of learning-by-doing in order to set up and run their own Practice Enterprises at their respective institutions.

MyPEC takes the TOT sessions as of utmost importance for it is only when the trainers of the respective institution have a mastery of their role as facilitator-coach or trainers that they would be able to set up and manage the Practice Enterprises, both in the form of MPE as well as SPE for their institutions. Towards this end, the facilitator-coach or trainers would be provided with the relevant documentations including operating and reference manuals and online support. While the MPE exposes trainees to the different processes within a core business area of an entity, the SPE caters for the trainees’ diverse intended areas of business activities. In short, the practice enterprise methodology can simulate any type of industry. As such, there is no rigid structure in terms of the number of practice enterprise that an individual institution can set up. Even the number of MPE can be more than one, if desired.

In its role to support the virtual network, MyPEC as the Central Office, is instrumental to maintain the virtual economy services such as the Central Bank (clearing house for local payment), Commercial Bank, Post Office, Registrar of Companies, Inland Revenue Board, Employees Provident Fund (EPF), SOCSO, buyer and supplier of last resort to the Practice Enterprises.

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