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Sample Program Duration and Activities

Please note: Duration can be modified.

The beauty about the PE platform is its flexibility - your organization can customize a program that is entirely unique to your intended outcomes.

Here, MyPEC provides a standard program structure that is divided into 2 distinct phases : Phase 1 Business Operations and Phase 2 Entrepreneurship Development. Core human skills developments are injected throughout the training, whether directly and indirectly. Below is the overview description of each phase:

Business Operations Phase-I Entrepreneurship Development Phase II

Students are placed as employess in a going concern company (Practice Enterprise) with pre-determined
  • Business Plan
  • Budget
  • Organisation Chart
  • Trade (Operations)
  • Business Policies
  • Documented reports on business performance to the Management Commitee and Board of Directors

Facilitators are the CEO and CFO of the PE.

Briefing done by CEO/CFO on various areas of the PE before trading starts

Targeted outCome: Participants to understand business processes,interpret financial reports and provide input for decision making as well as understand the interconnectedness between departments.

To apply the skills learnt in the Business process phase.

Setting up and managing own business including development of business plan.

To convince a panel of venture Capitalists to fund their business in order to kick start commercialization activities

Apply for bridging fund or extended faclities from a panel of Bankers.

Mitigate business risk scenarios and crisis management

Gain exposure to trade and conduct business on an international platform through the MYPEC and EUROPEN internarional network

Targeted outcome to develop business acumen as well as entrepreneurship skills amongst participants

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