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I attended the training of trainers (TOT) workshop for this ‘Learning by Doing’ program together with my fellow lecturers from various public higher education institutions. At first, most of us thought that this course will be just a normal TOT experience. By the end of the course, we realized that this course is far superior than any other TOT courses that we have attended previously, simply because it lets us experience firsthand the full business processes and entrepreneurship skills. The learning curve was steep and through the guidance of MyPEC’s experienced facilitators, the flow of the course ran smoothly and I found the daily interactions and discussions between participants were always engaging and interesting.

What I like most about this course is that it will allow the participants to make mistakes when they are making daily business transactions and participating in decision making process, something that might not be tolerable in the real life.

Dr. Ahmed Razman bin Abdul Latiff
Universiti Putra Malaysia

This is the best course I have ever attended in assisting and providing experience in dealing with the efficiency of administration, supervision and financial management. In addition, it also helps in the administrative work and control of stocks more effectively. Experience in the Accounts Division will be very helpful in assisting participants to handle accounting processes in an institution.

Mohamed Rosli bin Osman
General Manager
Pertubuhan Peladang Kawasan (MADA)

I was so grateful that I could join MyPEC training during my Master’s Degree. The training had given me a lot of new practical experience. As a fresh graduate, it is a useful training to prepare ourselves for the future work life. During the training, I had been trained in different positions. I had a good opportunity to expose myself in Marketing function area. As my Degree background was in Human Resource, I did not have much knowledge in Marketing. But, through this training I gained much knowledge and experiences related to Marketing Department.

This had widened my business knowledge to other business functional area beside Human Resource. Besides, through this training program, I realized communication skills and teamwork are so important in a workplace. Without a good coordination and cooperation, business operation process will not run smoothly.

Sarah Thien Zhi Yun

Firstly I am very grateful to have been given the chance to participate in this unique program, the first of its kind in South East Asia.

The “Learning by Doing” training method has a deep impact on the participants because the learning is practical and skill based, not solely theory. I have been running my own business for the past 10 years without much knowledge on proper business management. But that changed after the 3 months course, because I thoroughly learned complete business processes that can lead to successful business operations. The training has provided me with a guideline on how to operate a business successfully not only in Malaysia but globally as well.

Damithah Ahmad Rusdi, 38 years old
Business owner (textile) and SME Bank client

I am a student majoring in maritime management. I have learned a great deal about the running of a business in the 3 months of training under the MyPEC program.

I think that this program is very good indeed for youths who dream of opening their own business and who would like to learn how to manage and operate a business successfully. I fully recommend for this program to be extended from 3 months to 6 months because there is so much to learn about. I would also like to thank the facilitators, who are very experienced and have given me a lot of valuable guide and input on business matters.

Norman Khomsa, Diploma Student,
Ranaco Education & Training Institute

This course was part of my industrial training. To me, this is an excellent course. I had no prior knowledge of business before I joined Office Station, but after the end of the course, I fully understand the full business process, from the management perspective, the documents and document flow, problem solving and most of all, how to start my own business from scratch.

The learning system is very efficient and the facilitators are highly experienced. The ‘Learning by Doing’ concept is very effective, it exposes trainees to REAL business scenarios.

I hope this program will continue for a long time because it can definitely produce young and successful entrepreneurs.

Mohd Faridzul Anuar bin Jusoh
Ex-MyPEC Program Trainee

“Persekitaran yang sesuai dalam konsep pejabat an fasiliti yang cukup. Dan berpuas hati kerana penyelia yang berdedikasi.”

Dinul Qaaim bin Mohamed Salleh
Sahabat AIM [SIRIM]

“I think this program let me learn a lot and straight forward I can understand and remember the process of business.”

Goh Kang Ting
UUM Pilot 2013

“Program ini membantu saya untuk mengetahui tentang persekitaran pekerjaan dan memberi saya keberanian untuk bekerja pada masa hadapan.”

Megala Viswanathan
School of Technology Management and Logistics [UUM PILOT]

“Pada pendapat saya, program ini patut dijalankan kepada semua kolej perniagaan kerana ia banyak menambah ilmu pengetahuan am tentang pengurusan syarikat.”

Mohd Adha bin Hassan
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