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Train the Trainers

All training is undertaken by qualified and approved PEN-International trainers, who not only delivers the training in CBAL Academy’s training office, which has a fully furnished office training environment, but also assesses the trainer’s competency to be awarded the Trainers Certificate – Business Operations or Trainers Certificate – Entrepreneurial Program. The training office trains thirty trainers at a time. Each successful Trainer must at least be awarded the Trainers Certificate – Business Operations before commencing training the trainees in a virtual enterprise.

Would-be trainers should have a minimum qualification of:

1.Degree in Business or any other related field
2.Five years working experience

The MPE (Mother Practice Enterprise) – Business Process Operations Skills Training

A. Business Process Operations Training - Ensures the understanding, delivery and implementation of the business and cultural processes, procedures and documentation to trade nationally and internationally, complying with national and International legislation and commercial operations.

The SPE – Entrepreneurship Skills Training

B. Entrepreneurship Training - Encompassing business set up complying with national legislation, business and marketing management; strategic planning; economic environment; development of business plans and budgets; investor and banker fund application processes and presentation skills in acquiring working and asset capital injections; sustainment of commercial risk and its evaluation; product segmentation, targeting and positioning; problem solving and managerial decision processes including pricing, contribution, mark up, cash flow forecasting, stock management, and profitability. Capital raising and investment yield returns evaluation; risk mitigation, human resource management included in final presentation from each company of 5/6 trainers to investor, banker and academic specialists. The assessment and review of actual business performance is measured against business plans and budgets with alternative business decision processes evaluated.

All trainers are required, prior to commencing of training in a Practice Enterprise, to under-go the Business Process Operations Training Program, which is a minimum intensive 2 weeks full-time training program in a fully furnished Operational Practice Enterprise. This includes hands-on training in all business systems, procedures and documentation – trading nationally and internationally. Trainers are trained to act as CEO, CFO, trainer and assessor including setting budgets and manage the business against business plans and strategies. Trainers are assessed as to their capabilities to manage and run a Practice Enterprise to the standards required to deliver well-trained operational staff for each area of the businesses operations. Those that are deemed competent are awarded a Trainers Certificate – Business Operations recognising their capabilities to run a Practice Enterprise, (and only those that are certified as trainer may train in the Network). Included in the program is clarification of requirements in applying for PEN International Practice Enterprise, Certification, plus assessment processes and registration for PEN International Trainee Certification.

The Entrepreneurship Training Program includes training in setting up and incorporating a business in line with national legislative procedures; business and marketing plans; short and long term budget setting and controls; presentation to an investor and separately to a banker to obtain working capital and fixed asset finance; managing the day to day operations and accounting to senior management, the board of directors and shareholders; sustaining various economic business cycles and commercial risk scenarios; followed by final evaluation and performance review to investor, banker and academic specialist(s) of actual outcome against original business plans/budgets. Review all operational aspects and clarify operational issues; Trainers are assessed as to their capabilities to manage and run a practice enterprise to the standards required to deliver well trained entrepreneurs for the Malaysian economy. Those that are deemed competent are awarded a Trainers Certificate – Entrepreneurship Program recognising their capabilities to deliver the entrepreneurial training program meeting the Government’s strategic plans. This is a 1 week intensive training program.

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