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Chandra Mohan Abdul Razak Salleh, Business Development General Manager and Master Trainer for Operations
Abdul Razak Bin Salleh holds a Bachelor of Education from Bristol University (UK) and a Master of Science in Education Administration from Universiti Putra Malaysia, Terengganu. He has over 20 years of extensive experience teaching and training to various levels of students and graduates, particularly in English as a Second Language.

After leaving the teaching profession, he was involved in the business sector as a General Manager for a company directly involved in training, trading and property development.

Apart from managing the MyPEC Central Office, Razak also acts as the Director of Operations in the Business Operations training phase.

AZIAH Tan Chee Seng, Group Finance Controller and Master Trainer for Finance
Tan Chee Seng is a Chartered Accountant by profession. Mr. Tan completed his education in London and continued with his Masters in Business Science. He has also completed the Bank Negara Malaysia Statistical Analysis Programme organised by the National Bank of Malaysia. With his vast experience in Computerised Accounting Control System and expertise in cash-flow management, he is now MyPEC’s Group Financial Controller and acts as the Director of Finance in the Business Operations Training Phase for the MyPEC program.

AZIAH Low San Phan – MyPEC Business Expert
Mr. Low San Phan professional experience encompass diverse industries namely property development, construction, travel and tourism and hospitality. For almost 6years he worked in a 225 rooms resort in the Republic of Maldives where he was exposed to Front Office Operations that was run on a manual platform. Mr. Low San Phan was then instrumental in converting the manual based operations to a fully computerized system by working closely with a Colombo based software company.
Apart from hotel operations, Mr. Low San Phan also has deep background in accounts and finance, and his recent responsibility is overseeing the fiancés of a hotel chain with 7 hotel branches under his belt. His frequent involvement in Board of directors meetings throughout his career is instrumental in his role as both Board of Director member and Venture Capitalist in MyPEC training.

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